Travel Tips and Info

Travel Tips and Necessary Information

Airport Security - Review the latest updates to airport security laws, what to pack, what not to pack, etc. Be efficient in your packing, and you won't have any issues when you get to the airport.

Passport Information - Learn about the latest travel requirements. Plan ahead if leaving the country! If you need a little rush, check out the Passport Expediting Service.

Trip Protection Insurance - Don't risk your vacation!

Download our Convenient Packing Checklist - Don't pack too much, but don't pack too little!

Flying with Children - Keep your little ones safe while flying. Learn about the importance of using a child restraint system. It is safer than holding your child in your lap. Most airlines will offer discounts of up to 50% for children less than two years of age. Check out the FAA tips for flying with children.

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Weather - Check the weather so you can pack accordingly.

U.S. Department of State

Center for Disease Control

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Pet Sitting

Trip Protection Insurance

Trip insurance is inexpensive, convenient, and in the case of family emergency, illness or (as is a risk in summertime tropical destinations) severe weather, it can really save the day.

We are happy to help you with your insurance purchase. Please call 972-530-0679 or 800-615-5651 for more details.

Airport Security
Packing Checklist