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River Cruising

Main Cruise PageRiver cruises sail the larger rivers of Europe, Asia, Egypt, and the Americas. This can be a convenient way to see classic cities that were built along these famous rivers that link them. You unpack once and enjoy the historic splendor as it passes just outside your stateroom. Enjoy fine dining and luxury amenities onboard as you socialize and prepare for your daily excursions into large cities and small villages along these great waterways.

What makes a river cruise so different from an ocean cruise is the emphasis on the places visited. Instead of only spending half your trip visiting port locations, a river cruise allows for daily stops along the river with excursions and site seeing trips. This allows you to enjoy more of the countryside and culture and less time entertaining yourself on the ship. With this focus, it's nice that river itineraries in Europe feature a diverse mix of sophisticated metropolises -- such as Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam and Budapest -- and picturesque villages.

Some of these lines offer cuisine, d├ęcor and service that rivals the luxury cruise ships. Others offer more basic amenities. River cruises are an excellent way to experience the environmental wonders of nature while relaxing in the comforts of a luxury stateroom. We recommend the best river cruise fleets available for all the great rivers on each continent. Europe's historic rivers are always a popular choice and Viking, Avalon, and Tauck all have excellent ships, cuisine and service.

Upcoming Cruises

Here are just a few upcoming European River Cruises. We work closely with you to plan the perfect river cruise. There are a variety of cruises, so let us talk with you and understand what you desire in your trip, so we can plan the perfect vacation for you.

Chateaux, Rivers & Wine

Enjoy fine French wines, the French countryside and culture as you depart from Bordeaux and cruise the Dordogne, Garonne and Gironde Rivers. The cruise spans eight days and included six guided tours, including wine country tours and tours of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. To see the full itinerary, click on Chateaux, Rivers & Wine or contact us for questions or to book your trip.

European River Wine Cruise

Tulips & Windmills

Experience The Netherlands and Belgium in the springtime. See the colorful fields of tulips that Holland is so well known for. This trip begins and ends in Amsterdam. You can experience the canals and waterways of Amsterdam and take in the Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, and other sites of Amsterdam. You will then travel down the river and take in ancient cities during this 10 day tour through Holland and Belgium. To see the full itinerary, click on Tulips & Windmills or contact us for questions or to book your trip.

Paris & The Heart of Normandy

Enjoy the splendor of Paris, and the historic countryside along the Siene through Normandy. Delight in the Gothic architecture of Rouen, and see where Joan of Arc was tried and executed. Lose yourself in the exquisite gardens of Giverny, whose rich palette inspired Impressionist Claude Monet for many years. This is an eight day cruise with six guided tours. The cruise begins and ends in beautiful Paris. To see the full itinerary, click on Paris & The Heart of Normandy or contact us for questions or to book your trip.