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European Vacations

The mere mention of Europe evokes excitement. History, culture, shopping, food and wine are only a few reasons for visiting Europe. Whether seeing one destination in depth or enjoying a cross-continental tour, our expertise gives you the best Europe has to offer.

Imagine a team of professionals planning an "everything perfect" trip for your travel to Europe. Our specialists have first hand knowledge and accurate, up-to-date information.

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Great Britain and Ireland | Italy | Mediterranean | France | Scandinavia | Russia and Baltic | Central and Eastern Europe | Spain and Portugal

Great Britain and Ireland

Enjoy royal treatment while touring Ireland and Great Britain that feature famous castle-hotels, private guides and special performances.

Famous Irish castle-hotels and manor houses, the dramatic Cliffs of Moher, pastoral Cotswold landscapes, mystical Stonehenge and of course vibrant London are just some of the many highlights of touring Ireland and Great Britain. Escape to centuries past as you see living history revealed before your eyes.


Discover glorious cathedrals, tantalizing food, rich archives of art, stunning scenery, and romantic landscapes in Italy.

Timeless treasures of a legendary land await you in Italy. Tour Italy from the sun-kissed hill towns of Tuscany to the stunning Amalfi Coast, enjoying first class service, fine accommodations and special experiences that are the hallmarks of the best in Italy travel.


These waters are long favored by yachtsmen and culture seekers; discover for yourself what makes touring the Mediterranean so popular.

What do you envision as a perfect Mediterranean travel getaway? Little can compare to a small ship's approach in Bonifacio, Corsica... antiquities discovered in the gentle Sicilian countryside... the whitewashed villages of a Greek isle... the dramatic Amalfi coastline... or the centuries-old city walls of Dubrovnik. Mediterranean travel includes land journeys and cruises along the Adriatic and Aegean Seas combining the relaxation of sailing with in-depth discovery via excursions to the historical ruins of Ephesus, Carthage, Pompeii and Segesta and cultural meccas along the Spanish, French, Italian and Turkish Rivieras.


Tour the poignant beaches in Normandy, gentle abbeys in Provence and the glamour and cultural indulgence of Paris on these ever-popular discoveries.

From the moving memorials at Omaha Beach to the glitz and glamour of the Côte d'Azur, France tours combine insights to historical landmarks with a taste of the cultural panache that defines all things French. Visit Loire Chateaux, quiet Provencal abbeys and cobble stoned villages, the Bordeaux and Côte du Rhone wine regions, or the famed boulevards and culinary tables of Paris.


Discover the world's most beautiful fjords, the charm of quaint seaside villages and the intriguing maritime heritage as you tour Scandinavia.

Nordic legends and Viking tales come to life in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. Viking ships and a folk museum depict early eras; medieval castles and well-preserved port towns illuminate the Middle Ages; and ornate palaces and crown jewels illustrate royal epochs. Cosmopolitan capitals, pristine fjords, impressive glaciers, and private cruises all highlight Scandinavia travel.

Russia and Baltic

Medieval cities, world-renowned museums and historical treasures on Russia and Baltic tours make these some of travel's hottest destinations.

Russia and Baltic tours feature fortresses, palaces, and treasure of the Czars contrast with the Kremlin, Red Square, and an infamous bunker. Priceless masterpieces hang in The State Hermitage Museum; ballerinas twirl at the ballet; and onion-topped buildings command the skyline. In Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, there are medieval districts so well preserved that they are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Central And Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe tours follow the scenic Alps, major waterways and back roads leading to Europe's greatest cities and charming country villages.

This is the heart of Europe: Alpine vistas in Switzerland, Germany and Austria; preserved medieval towns and castles along the legendary Rhine and Danube waterways; imperial splendors in Vienna and Budapest; cafés, bistros, and bierstubes in villages off-the-beaten-path; and architectural triumphs in grand cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Dubrovnik, and more. When you embark on Central and Eastern Europe travel you go far beyond traditional sights to discover the region's varied cultural personas.

Spain and Portugal

A diversity of cultural influences, found the cuisine, architecture, and treasures of art, is just one of the many reasons to travel on Portugal and Spain tours.

Step inside the grand Moorish palace of the Alhambra, gaze at treasure - inside and out - at the world renowned Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, follow pilgrim's footsteps on the path of St. James to Santiago de Compostela or stroll the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Sintra and Evora, and you will understand the historical, cultural and religious passion throughout these lands and carefully woven into a Portugal or Spain tour.