About Take Time to Travel

Take Time to Travel helps busy professionals save time and relieve frustration by creating the vacation you want and deserve. Founding TTTT in 1993, we have years of successful experience giving our clients quality vacation services. We provide personalized leisure travel design and help you experience unforgettable vacation memories. We specialize in tropical, warm weather and European destinations. Although we might specialize in those types of vacations, we do heavily focus on giving our clients the best vacation for them, not us. You might be best suited for a trip to New York or a trip to Disney. Or, perhaps a cruise might be exactly what you need for your vacation. Just give us a call, and we'll find that perfect vacation for YOU!

We built our company on our enthusiasm, expertise and talent to help our clients experience the joy of travel. Through our consultant's personal travel experience, continual training and study and customer feedback, we furnish the most up-to-the-minute information and options available. It is our job to make your dreams come true. Our goal is to always exceed your expectations! Vacationing isn't something you get to re-do if there is a mistake, so we make sure to perfect your experience the first time!

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Join our CLOWNING AROUND gallery! You may just become someone's favorite vacation memory, and that someone may be YOU! >>


Clients Clowning Around!

People travel to experience both the unexpected and to have fun! With that in mind, we give “noses” for our clients to use in an unexpected place while vacationing. LET LOOSE! Wear your noses somewhere folks need a smile or a laugh.  It’s impossible to have a bad day wearing a big red nose!

Not sure where you want to travel? View our expertly written Destination Guides. We have over 600 reports written worldwide.